Spanking, Flogging & Canning


There nothing quite like the sound of a firm hand giving a firm spank!  The sound of flesh on flesh, the delicious thud and exquisite pain that follows and a lovely rose set of cheeks left behind…..corporal punishment doesn’t get any better or finer than this.

Spanking if often something that many clients have tried or have memory of that in many cases didn’t go too well! Unless you’ve had the pleasure of having a corporal punishment session administered under the expert hand of a Singapore Dominatrix like myself, it’s something that many clients will stay away from or say they don’t like….well at least when we first meet.  However, when I persuade them to let me introduce them and reacquaint them with this ancient art, delivered in my own unique way, they’re hooked…..and there’s no going back…..spanking addicts for life!

A good spanking session if often a small part of a longer corporal punishment session that can include flogging, caning, paddling and cropping, which will be administered in varying positions and in different scenarios.  It’s like playing the instruments from an orchestra; a slow quiet build up that increases in intensity to a crescendo and I have the pleasure of watching lovely pair of cheeks turn from a pale rose to a deep rosy red.

The secret, is to administer the pain, with occasional pleasure…when deserved…and if deserved… In my own distinctive and unique way that creates and endorphin and chemical rush from the heady mix of pain and pleasure that leaves my clients begging for more.

Don’t worry, we’ll go at a pace that comfortable for you, but I promise that you’ll beg me for more…’ve been warned!!