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Financial Submission

Some clients like to be humiliated physically, some psychologically…it’s how achieve erotic, mental and spiritual release. There are many clients of mine that also love to me humiliated financially. They submit to me and give me control of their finances. They love to spoil their Mistress (c’est moi!), indulge Her and treat Her. It’s a buzz for them….and it’s definitely a buzz for me! I get to spend all their money on all the fine and beautiful things in my life; it’s a marriage made in Heaven!

Sometimes my Findom slaves don’t even want to meet me, but simply serve me and see the joy and pleasure their money brings to me. Believe me, when one of my Findom slaves sends me their hard earned money or gives me control of their credit card and allows me to buy a pair of Louis Vuittons or Louboutins from Bayfront Sands in Singapore…’s as exciting for me to wear my shoes and own them as it is for my clients to see the thrill I get.

Findom Singapore

Source: South China Morning Post

Findom – The Thrill of Giving

Many of my clients (but not all) are exceptionally wealthy and very successful businessmen (and women) who have huge amounts of responsibility and control in their working life, particularly my clients in Singapore.

So what do you do when you’re wealthy, successful and powerful, well of course there’s Findom, and for my clients, as they’ve told me often, it’s an easy and exciting way to let go of control in one area of their life…it may be for humiliation or ridicule, but that’s just their way of relieving themselves of their burden. Some people love praise and admiration (it’s how they get their buzz) but for my Findom clients, they are aroused by domination and humiliation in a financial sense.

For people in the vanilla world, it’s often hard to understand that a sexual fetish does not mean or involve sexual activity. The rush from financial domination/submission for my clients the same as the pleasure from physical stimulation.

It also helps when the woman being gifted is powerful, confident, sexy, alluring, exciting and intimidating; it’s offers an added edge to the relationship.

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I love spending your money. Why don’t you gift me or adopt my bills….or better still just send me your money and spoil your Mistress!

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