Next Tour Dates

25th Feb to 3rd March Hong Kong

4 – 8 March Singapore

Time left before next visit

In sing now till 8 March

When I’m in Singapore

I love coming to Singapore as often as I can. There’s an amazing appreciation for BDSM and my clients are passionate and knowledgeable about the kink and fetish scene.  As soon as I know my tour dates, you’ll be able to see them on the calendar below, and will be able to make advance bookings by paying a 50% deposit in advance to make sure you see your favourite Singapore Dominatrix!

If you’re unable to pay in advance or can’t plan too far ahead, you can book on the day while I’m in Singapore….”click here” to find my details on the Contact page.

When I’m not in Singapore

Don’t be upset when you’re favourite Singapore Mistress isn’t in Sing City! I regularly work online and can easily arrange a session with you “Contact page“.

Online sessions can be particularly good for most fetishes and also allows me to set challenges for my chastity slaves as well as make sure that have kept to their chastity contract with me.

Don’t think our online sessions will be any less challenging or fun. I’ll make sure that Mistress keeps you on your toes and obedient at all times. Don’t forget that disobedience will always result in punishment when I’m back in Singapore, so you need to be on best behaviour at all times!

My online sessions are cheeky, playful and demanding…. You’ll certainly get a BDSM workout that you won’t forget.