Liking anal doesn’t make you gay! The G-Spot of a man is up is ass !

Nikky French

My Anal Play Services Include

  • Prostate Massage
  • Milking
  • Pegging & Strapon
  • Fisting
  • Forced-Bi
  • Feminisation
  • Anal Stretching
  • Sissy Training

Anal play  and anal sex allows men to discover through prostate massage their ‘P-Spot’ (prostate spot) which is an erotic zone far more pleasurable and gives far more intense orgasms (prostate orgasms) than normal orgasms ever would.  Unless you’ve popped your cherry (I love taking my client’s anal virginity!) you’ll never know why strap-on, pegging and anal play can be quite so deliciously enjoyable and an experience you’ll never forget.

I’m not sure why,  but Singapore is an anal play and anal sex hotspot.  My clients have a real passion for exploring and pushing anal play like no other place I visit.

Some of my clients are first timers who’ve always been tempted, but felt ashamed or even fearful of popping their cherry and indulging in anal sex.  All I can say is don’t be! I always start off small…..very small…  So your introduction to strap-on and pegging will be a gentle one… even if it starts with a finger!

If you’re more experienced and would like to take things to the next level in anal sex, your favourite Singapore Mistress can cater for the size queens amongst you, with some sizeable strap-ons to make your eyes water.  I also bring with me an amazing range of sex toys that will ensure that I always have something to surprise and challenge you. I can also cater for clients into more advance play including Forced-Bi, Fisting and feminization.

What I love about anal play is it brings out the whore and slut in every man with no exceptions!

Please remember I’m a Princess and I don’t like surprises…I think you know what I’m saying!  For more information about anal play and anal hygiene, please follow this link to my main website Mistress Nikky French – Anal Play