My Favourite Fetish Gear

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My clients love latex; both my outfits and wearing their own!  Maybe it’s because latex brings with it control and therefore a feeling of submission, anonymity, a restriction of all the senses. Particularly if you love deprivation hoods and the sensitivity to temperature.  Most of all it removes all traces of your identity, allowing my subs in many cases to act out their deepest fantasies.

I mustn’t forget the scent and the sound of latex ….how could I.  When my subs hear the sound of latex rubbing against my body and smell the scent of my latex leggings, I’ve got them where I need them… at my feet, ready to worship and under my control.

Of course in Singapore it’s very hot… I don’t always wear latex but in hotel rooms I have the air conditioning on at all time lol;

Bear in mind, I come to Asia with a 30kg of luggage so I’m limited as to what I can carry. I always try to bring as many outfits as I can. I like to feel sexy in all circumstances.  If you would like to book a session in advance, you can always ask me to bring a special outfit that you like when I visit Singapore.

If you prefer me to wear an outfit than another, please feel free to ask prior to your session, I don’t mind to wear what you like.

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